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Growing Up Ringside is a hilarious, heartfelt and heavy-hitting one woman show sharing untold stories of Mina Liccione's upbringing as the daughter of an Italian-American boxing promoter. She lives in a world inhabited by wise guys and boxing champs like Muhammed Ali, but dreams of becoming a dancer on Broadway. This deeply autobiographical show recounts Mina's coming of age, her struggles to find her purpose in life, and continues up to the present day, including her move across the globe to Dubai to pioneer the first comedy school in the Middle East and adjusting to life in a Muslim country. Though, at its heart, it is a tribute to an undefeated father/daughter bond. Combining comedy, rhythm and spoken word with mixed media, Growing Up Ringside reveals the full depths and versatility of Mina as a performing artist and writer.

Mina Liccione

Written and Performed by
Talent Advisor

Esther Sommers


Bobbie McKeever

Event Manager

Odis Fannin


Lucy Harris